Where are Lush n Luxe jewels made?

Lush n Luxe designs are all handcrafted in Perth Western Australia and listed in small releases, therefore each one is one of a kind just like you. You will be receiving a quality piece handmade with love.

How do I care for my jewels 

It is recommended to keep your jewels away from exposure to perfumes, skin creams, hairspray, chemicals, salty water, chlorine, cleaning products, hot and humid conditions etc as they will speed up the process of the sterling silver tarnishing. All sterling silver will tarnish over time but this will slow down the process by avoiding these harsh elements.

Take extra care with your jewels which have gemstones and crystals as most stones are quite delicate. To avoid scratches or breakages avoid hitting or knocking them against hard surfaces as this will cause damage to the stone.

When your jewels are not in use, store safely in your Lush n Luxe keepsake pouch or box. A polishing cloth is recommended to polish your Lush n Luxe jewels to restore their original shine. Polishing cloths are created with special polishing solution embedded in the fabric and will work beautifully and gently to eliminate tarnish. Please do not use liquids or pastes as the chemicals in these are quite harsh and may cause damage. We suggest to polish your jewels with a polishing cloth every 1-2 months aswell as following the care tips above to keep your jewels looking gorgeous and tarnish free.